>The Five Mystical Ways of Digital Kung Fu 數位功夫的五種神秘的方式


By Keith Shetterly, keithshetterly@gmail.com
Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

1. “Quiet Panther” 

Websites Should Be Seen and Not Heard
You wouldn’t set off loud sirens just as a customer opens the door of a brick and mortar business—so don’t do it on the Web!  Remember, customers with jobs don’t need the “Boss I’m Web Shopping Instead of Working” alarm to go off at their own desk.  Use sound where it makes sense, but let the shoppers choose when to turn it on:  Make friends with your site, not unemployment!

2.“Running Tiger”
Driving Traffic to Your Website is More Than Just Meta Tags and Page Titles and Ad Spends
Don’t expect your current success via yesterday’s SEO to last—are you creating and posting online video on your site?  Do you YouTube?  Are you pursuing back-links from Social Media? Do you blog?  Have any micro sites?  The Internet isn’t a RonCo “Set It and Forget It” appliance, so don’t treat it that way.  Stay on top of it!  And are you thinking of PPC?  Any effort for search engines not including PPC is leaving money on the table—PPC is proven, measurable, and very valuable.  Use it smartly!

3. “Dancing Monkey

Live Chat to a Dead Head is Only Good at Concerts
The mega fans of the Grateful Dead should never provide live chat services—are you checking what you’re getting with your online chat service? Make sure they answer well and successfully set appointments by “mystery chatting” them yourself.  And do it often.  And if you’re not using chat or not considering it, you’re missing a very valuable sales conversion tool—you worked hard to get the shopper to your site, so start the sales engagement there!

4.“Lightning Snake”
Hosting Short Videos Means Never
Having to Say We Suck
Twenty seconds is a long time on the Internet.  Don’t be afraid to edit down your customers’ video testimonials before you post them, or better yet tell them briefly how to “get to the meat” when they talk.  Even the most positive but too-long testimonial says “We Suck!” out in the wilds of the Internet.  And also get any product video down to the “Quick and Powerful” level.  And one more thing: Be sure to scroll your website and phone number across the bottom of all videos—don’t waste those precious few seconds of a customer’s attention by not doing the right self-promoting.
5.“Knowing Crane”
The Buzz of Social Media Might be From the Chainsaw You’re Taking to Your Business

You need to get past buzz words with Social Media, and in a hurry–you shouldn’t just “buy services” for this, you need to understand and plan what you’re doing.  Do you know how to monetize Tweet for your fixed ops, how to respond to issues, and how to create business for yourself on Facebook and other Social Media?  You would laugh at a dork who walked into a party and shoved his business car rudely under everyone’s nose—so don’t be that dork in Social Media! Learn how to interact or you’ll get ignored, or, worse, derided in business-killing ways.  And Online Reputation Management is a modern and very real business need, encompassing both Social Media and the Internet at large (can you say “Google Business Reviews”?).  Do you manage your Facebook fan pages several times a day? Do you watch Twitter for your business’ name—what are people saying about you?  And there’s so much more!

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About keithshetterly

Independent Automotive Consultant. Former eCommerce Director for large dealer group, BDC Director, and Internet Sales manager. Marketing, BDC, Internet, Phone, SEO, PPC, Reputation. Everything from a small business background to Fortune 100 experience. keithshetterly@gmail.com
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