>Mediocrity is a habit. Excellence is a choice!


By Keith Shetterly, keithshetterly@gmail.com
Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved
Mediocrity is a habit. Excellence is a choice!
                                              — Keith Shetterly, 2010
There are certainly many people in the automotive industry who pursue excellence, and it is my welcome grace to call a few of them friends, even though some of them I have never met in person. My thanks to all of them!
A key modern issue we all commonly face, I believe, is that–despite these folks and others pursing excellence–there remain many-fold more that habitually accept the murky silt of mediocrity we have built up in this industry for so many decades. Well, we never had to do that in the first place–and, in fact, now we simply cannot do that any more because our customers demand that we don’t!
So much talk of the Internet falls to the specifics of items like SEO, PPC, 1st party and 3rd party leads, response times, email campaigns, Facebook, etc.–and yet none of that will survive mediocrity at a dealership and really advance the business. For all of us, what the Internet has really done most strongly is expose our glaring shortcomings in processes, decision making, planning, and customer service. And these shortcomings are exposed, more and more and more, by CUSTOMERS USING THEIR NEW VOICE OF THE INTERNET.  And they often shout, just like that.
And that voice of the customer is never, ever turning back; it’s just going to accelerate.
So, we must change our habits: Drop Mediocrity! Embrace Excellence!
To those who already pursue excellence, I salute you, I admire you, and I will work to rise to your level. For those needing a boost, just look to your customers for direction–they’ll tell you, and are in fact telling you now as I write this (and in plain and sometimes salty language) all about what they want, 24x7xInternet.
They want excellence. Let’s provide it!!

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About keithshetterly

Independent Automotive Consultant. Former eCommerce Director for large dealer group, BDC Director, and Internet Sales manager. Marketing, BDC, Internet, Phone, SEO, PPC, Reputation. Everything from a small business background to Fortune 100 experience. keithshetterly@gmail.com
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