>Sales-Murder Forensics — Enough is Enough!


By Keith Shetterly, keithshetterly@gmail.com
Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved
Something that has often struck me in vehicle retail are the “forensic vendors”, all providing CSI-like (Crime Scene Investigation, not Customer Service Index) “after the sale was prevented” information.  Recorded calls that show how badly the call was bungled.  CRM reports that list customers who weren’t called back for the last three days.  And the latest, Reputation Management reports that show you how much folks have already disliked you all over the Internet.  And this perspective comes not only from vendors but also from OEMs that regularly provide you Internet lost-sales data from THREE MONTHS AGO.  All this is information that’s useful, but these are all “CSI Reports” about the sales killed by the “Sales Prevention Department”!  We’re all standing around the body of the dead sale examining what happened, when instead the sale should still be alive.
And that’s why I like a dedicated Business Development Center (BDC) for dealerships, either in-house if you can afford it or outsourced if you desire (or if that better-fits your budget).  That type of BDC can be monitored nearly real-time for leads and phone calls, and can also yield fast reaction to reputation needs and contact from the Internet and social media.  And it is staffed by dedicated phone and Internet professionals whose only goal from every call or lead is a solid appointment that your sales staff can sell to! 
So, what do you want to do?  Train, as you have for decades, a sales department that will bungle the phone calls and will still, at best, have trouble keeping up with your Internet leads in a “cradle to grave” sales scenario?  So you can perform yet another “forensic analysis”, talk to yet one more sales person about how they mis-handled your inbound sales calls, and ask them why they are not doing follow-up–again?   Do you want to always find out someone slammed you on the Internet too late to make a difference?  And face another OEM who wants to know why you didn’t sell their make from Internet leads you received a month or more ago? 
Do you really want all that CSI on the Sales Prevention Department after the sales are dead??
Or do you want to know what’s happening NOW in a totally measurable fashion for calls, leads, reputation, and more?  And get the most sales possible?  Of course you want this.
Effective.  Successful.  Measurable.  And SALES ENABLING.
A dedicated BDC.  That’s the department you really need!

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About keithshetterly

Independent Automotive Consultant. Former eCommerce Director for large dealer group, BDC Director, and Internet Sales manager. Marketing, BDC, Internet, Phone, SEO, PPC, Reputation. Everything from a small business background to Fortune 100 experience. keithshetterly@gmail.com
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